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A professional collection of press featuring Reina Hidalgo.

Read articles and watch video of entertainment news mentioning Reina.


Shoutout LA

Meet Reina Hidalgo: Dancer/Choreographer/Consulting Producer

"My family and friends those near and dear to me are also my foundation."

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The New York Times

We’re Going to Talk About ‘Bruno,’ Yes, Yes, Yes

The film’s choreographer, Jamal Sims, and his team spent about two weeks in a Los Angeles studio creating the “Bruno” dance moves.

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LA Times

Zoot Suit’ revival, the after-party chitchat turns to politics

Cast member Michael Naydoe Pinedo, assistant choreographer Reina Hidalgo and cast members Richard Steinmetz and Gilbert Saldivar.

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Film Independent

Bertie the Brilliant

Meet The Filmakers; Reina Hidalgo is a dancer and choreographer who has performed with artists such as Pink, Rihanna, and Missy Elliott

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Daily Beast

LUX Life: Dancer and Choreographer Reina Hidalgo

When she’s not performing and choreographing for the stars, Reina Higaldo hits the local Los Angeles gems that you need to know about.

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#GettyInspired: Reina Hidalgo & Asiel Hardison

Find out as we hear about their choreography collaboration and see how they find inspiration in space, heart, and human connection.

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Voyage LA

Meet Reina Hidalgo of AandRcreative in Venice

Life in general is full of smooth and bumping roads. That is the beauty of it and the journey we have with the stories to tell.

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